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Established in Longview, Texas, in 1971 as a manufacturer of specialty vehicles used to move semi trailer equipment from point to point by means of a hydraulically activated fifth wheel. Original brand name: "Trailer Jockey" Acquired from private ownership in 1984 by Collins Industries, Inc., of Hutchinson, Kansas, known as the world's largest manufacturer of specialty vehicles.

Grown to be the second largest manufacturer of the equipment commonly referred to as a "terminal tractors'. Contributed many technical innovations to the business of cargo handling, including our patented DURA-RIDE suspension system, the ergonomically-superior VISTA CAB series, and DOT-certified tractors for environmentally sensitive operations.

Considered a world class supplier, with units operating in all 50 states, and many foreign countries in addition to supplying a number of government agencies, including GSA, AAFES, DOD and the Postal Service. ** Proud to be the ONLY U.S. owned and operated major supplier of this type of equipment!

** MISSION To meet the national and international needs of the terminal tractor market by inventing and designing products and services to meet that market. To be the low cost producer and lowest qualified bidder, but not necessarily the lowest price competitor.



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